Spay and Neuter Surgeries

Surgeries are by appointment only, please note a  nonrefundable deposit is required at the time of booking. 


Petluv  requires a $20 deposit for smaller dogs (up to 59 lbs.) and $30 for larger dogs. Cat appointment deposits are $10 each. 

This is necessary because no-shows are wreaking havoc with our carefully-planned surgery schedule.  This results in our clients having to wait unacceptably long times to get their dogs in for surgery.  We hope that a larger deposit will encourage people to show up for their appointments.

This deposit is credited to your account when you keep your appointment, but it will be forfeited when an appointment is canceled without 3 working days’ notice. 

 To schedule appointments for surgery, Please call the clinic at 352-799-9990 Mon-Sat 8am-4pm. 

                              to get a list of services and prices.

We can not examine, diagnose, or treat your pet for any abnormalities or concerns you may have.  For matters of this nature it is recommended that you seek a Full Service Clinic. 

For Your Cats

  • Rabies
  •  FVRCP/FELV (Protects against Distemper, Rhinotracheitis, Calici and Leukemia)
  • ​Combination Blood Test (Leukemia and Aids)
  • Deworming 

For Your Dog

  • Rabies
  • DA2PP/DA2PPL (Protects against Distemper, Parvo, Adenovirus, Hepatitis, Parainfluenza and Leptospirosis)
  • Bordetella (Kennel Cough)
  • Heartworm Testing
  • Deworming

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(352) 799 9990

As a requirement for dogs to have surgery with PetLuv the animal is required to go home with Pain Medication for $8.00 and an E-Collar for $5 to $10 depending on the size of the pet. 

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